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  Data - Flow / How FPTS is working
  Overview / Data Flow 
Data input from different sources A/B based on standard E-mail to our Mailserver CA '' addressed to defined users/acconts ([]).
System D is looking evry 5 minutes to our mailserver for relevant mails and collect all mail for defined user/account. With a specialized mail alias all fetched mails are forwarded to a script that was developed by us. The script is generating the static HTML pages for all users/accounts. While processing the mails, we are looking for special key words, that we can address them to their special meaning.
Further on the script is transfering (ftp) all the newly generated HTML pages in D to the Web server CB. The delay for updating the Web pages from receiving new mail on the Mail server till transfering the pages, should not take logner then 5 minutes. The time for processing inputs from the user (any type of input) to the Mail server, is depending on the processing speed of all involved service providers (SMS -> Mail).

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